Where is my flashlight when I need it?

In collaboration with Taimaz Moslemian
OSB, Acoustic Foam Panels, Monitor Speakers, Subwoofer,

Comprised of field recordings taken at various self-storage locker auctions in Ontario (CAN), New York and Virginia (USA), Where is my flashlight when I need it? examines the evolving consumer culture of North America.
The piecing together of events hyperbolizes the cultural and economical backdrop, prompting the congregation of bidders, auctioneers, giant storage companies and at times, the subdued renters. Containing no palpable narrative, the installation reflects upon the incoherent jargon of the stereo typical auctioneer and in turn offers banal office chatter, conventional dilemmas and formulaic regulations, amidst the brutal realities associated with unpaid locker fees.
Where is my flashlight when I need it? addresses the social pathology of capitalism while deploying the very thing that has adapted in order to accommodate the need to hunt, store and consume – language.

This project was supported by the Ontario Arts Council

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