In collaboration with Kristina Guison

Angle Iron, Two-Way Mirrored Acrylic, Projection.
36" x 204" x 78"

Incidental Proximities examines time and collective memory in between socio-political power struggles, using familial photographic and video archives from Western Colonization/Occupation in Asia, WWII-era Europe, and our current North American post-9/11 Century. The exhibition is a site-specific installation in response to a contemporary art space constructed within a Canadian Armed Forces shipping container.

Drawing from Levinas’ Otherwise than Being or Beyond Essence, artists Kristina Guison and Naomi Dodds examine points of tension created by proximity and distance between site-specificity, historical warfare, and psychological warfare propagating in virtual spaces. Guison and Dodds' video intervention appears at a crucial time when, globally, there is an alarming increase of unequal access to mobility and communication. Using two-way mirrors as projection surfaces to critique the marriage of surveillance and virtual areas, the exhibition marks the artists' first collaboration on an immersive installation that questions the politics of memory in virtual, physical, and epistemological spaces.

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