Carbon Steel, Aluminium, DC Motors, Hardened Steel Gear Sprockets, Roller Chain, Pillow Blocks, Shore Rock, Limit Switches, Parrallax PING Ultrasonic Sensor, Custom-Built Switch Circuit, Arduino, Sabertooth 2x25 V2, U1 12V 280A Battery.
150" x 30" x 78"(when closed) 102"(when open)

Bridge involves the integration of solid materiality and recreational play, of a psychological nature. The predominant structure seemingly allows a passage from one place to another by spanning a physical obstruction. Its formation occupies a universalsymbol of modernity, rooted within the history of capital and serving as a utopian pretence to the industrialisation of socio-political development. Contemplating on these effects of the past in order to understand social movements, Bridge reinforcesour current notion of “progress” by constructing a new convention. As the work becomes an obstruction, it simultaneously becomes a guide.

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